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Recap - Date night

12:50 - Boss calls to say she won't be in on time and can I please train the new girl to "fold shirts"

1:00 - New girl arrives. School her in art of shirt-folding. Also begin training her on how to run the cash and where the heck everything in the store goes.

2:30 - take thirty second break (sneakily) to call vet and inquire about overpriced cat food for diva cat. They have one bag and will hold it.

3:00 - Lots of boxes come in. Show new girl what to do with boxes and product. Get praised for training new girl (which is not my job, btw, but damn do we need staff that can work alone soon)

3:15 - Boss realizes that I've been at work since 9 and haven't gotten a break. Asks if I want one. I opt to leave 30 minutes early instead.

3:45 - Freedom!

3:46 - Oh, wait... not yet. Schlep empty boxes to the car. Assure boss that this box-hording thing is almost over.

3:48 - Almost lose boxes to strong gust of wind in parking lot. Recover gracefully. Ignore laughing tweens wearing Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirts and skinny jeans.

3:52 - Call husband. Tell him I'm going to the vet. Should I go home after and try to walk the dog before picking him up? No. He'll be ready at 5.

4:13 - Arrive at vets. Lavish attention on adorable boxer puppy that likely weighs less than my cat. Is so tiny. Pay too much for stupid miracle cat food that keeps diva-cat kitty with gastrointestinal issues from having accidents around house. Grumble that rest of cats refuse to eat any other foods, even though they don't need the special one.

4:16 - Drive toward husband's work. Wonder about possible presence of opioids in cat food, which would explain both the addictive quality and the subsequent lowered gastro-intestinal motility of diva kitty.

4:17 - Realize that I am STARVING due to lack of lunch break. Reroute to grocery store.

4:28 - Buy croissant and melon cup.

4:37 - Arrive in parking lot of husband's workplace. Eat snack. Wait.

5:00 - Still waiting

5:17 - And waiting

5:22 - Husband is free!

5:45 - Arrive home. Walk dog. Feed cats. Change clothes.

5:48 - Laugh at husband's suggestion that I borrow one of his jerseys. Demonstrate how jersey looks like a dress on me. Agree to wear baseball cap to appease husband's sense of team pride.

6:13 - Leave for the city.

7:00 - Agree with husband that we will never make it on time to a Jays game. Congratulate each other on maintaining this five year streak.

7:07 - Opening pitch. We are almost at Lake Shore Blvd.

7:20 - Arrive. Find parking. Walk up a MILLION STAIRS.

7:21 - Gate is right at the top of the stairs!

7:22 - Oh... but seats are half the Sky Dome away.

7:30 - Find seats. Proceed to annoy husband with millions of baseball questions as well as off-topic chattering.

8:30ish - Feign knowledge of proper baseball terminology. Get rebuffed by actual baseball-playing husband.

8:47 - Start to notice a certain look of sadness and missed opportunity in husband's eye whenever the catcher is discussed or comes up to the plate. Tell husband that he would have made a good professional baseball player. Refrain from mentioning fact that he hasn't played in ten years.

9:00 - Impress husband with ability to name baseball players. Lose credibility when I start naming players who retired and/or died years ago.

9:35 - Orioles are getting trounced. Husband decides to leave early to beat traffic. What do I want to eat? Suggest Big Slice. Husband says no.

9:50 - Driving around, looking for food... looking... looking.

9:51 - Suggest Smoke's Poutinerie. Husband is intrigued.

9:55 - Husband orders his poutine (Hogtown style). Asks what I want. I say, "Big Slice." Recognize that pregnancy makes this demand acceptable. Husband agrees (having been plied with poutine and bacon combination). I also demand lemonade.

10:16 - Arrive at Big Slice. Get deluxe slice and bottle of water.

10:17 - Pass a Starbucks. Don't really need anything from there.

10:21 - Pass another Starbucks

10:24 - And another

10:29 - And another

10:36 - Succumb to universe's insistence that I need Starbucks. Ask husband if he feels like a macchiato.

10:46 - Get decaf vanilla latte. Drink on drive home while suggesting baseball related names for the baby. Lyle? Jose? Roberto?

11:20 - Arrive home and change into pajamas. Lament about pajamas not fitting anymore. Check email. Consider packing boxes since the move is in less than a week and only dvds have been packed. Decide not to face reality and go to bed instead.

And while this might be the most boring LJ entry ever, it was actually a pretty fun night for me...